AbbeyRoad 80s Drummer and Hi-Hat behaviour

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I'm a new user of the AbbeyRoad drums. I think they sound really great, and for the most part they work great too :). However, I have some Hi-hat trouble. The problem doesn't necessarily have to with AR itself, but I think it's a good starting point to start here.

I have a 2Box drum module, 2Box Drumit Three. It triggers three different notes:

  • Bow: A1
  • Edge: A#1
  • Pedal: B1

(I hope I didn't mix them up).

When using AR I use the "Drumit Five" preset which is supposed to handle 2Box special MIDI mapping (as the name implies, it seems to be designed for Drumit Five, but I assume that Drumit Three has the same mapping). In this preset A#1 (Edge) is assigned "Open control" and A1 (Bow) "Closed tip (L/R)". And here comes my first problem.

When I play on the edge I sometimes hit the bow by mistake. This triggers an A1 note, which subsequently "cuts off" the A#1/Edge that comes right before it. This makes it sound like I'm closing the Hi-hat when I'm not.

The first solution that comes to mind is to change the preset, so that A1 also triggers "Open control". I have tried this, and it seems to work, but it may be related to my second problem:

When playing with the Hihat pedal completely closed, the Hihat still sounds a bit open. I've checked the hardware and MIDI event list in Logic. When hitting the edge (A#1) with a modulation event with value 127 (pedal fully closed) the Hi-hat still sound a little open. The sound that I would expect in this case is the sound that was originally was triggered with A1 ("Closed tip (L/R)"). I.e., when the Hihat pedal is completely closed, it should sound like that (here I know that this just is an opinion; It just feels wrong that the Hihat should create a "buzz" when it's completely closed.).

So, I'll try to make questions out of my text...:

  1. Are the bow and edge supposed to trigger different sounds in AR, and are my Hihat triggering the "right" notes by default, or does my kit send the wrong notes related to how AR works?
  2. Is my workaround to the problem above something you recommend, or should I handle it in another way?
  3. Is there a way to make the Hihat sound closed when the pedal is pressed all the way down? Maybe this is related to the notes my drum module send (or doesn't send)? Or is AR designed this way?

I hope that my message isn't to unclear. Somehow I want to know how AR is supposed to work, and how I can tune settings/my drum module to accommodate this.

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