Locate GUI feature from within Patch? Looking to do the reverse of "Show in Structure"

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Hi Reaktor Community,

I am gaining knowledge by dissecting existing Ensembles and Macros. The "Show in Structure" is very valuable in doing this.

Is there the reverse function, where from within the patching structure I can identify where this relates to the GUI?

Of course I understand that most internal components do not reflect GUI controls, but can the ones that do interface the GUI be identified from within the patch?


  • Bolle
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    In structure view, select the item you want to know the position of. Then in Properties -> View click "Visible" on and off. You will see the element disappear and reappear.



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    Thank you @Bolle

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    Sometimes you find GUI objects that were used for tuning during development, but are switched off by default at the macro level. So if you still don't see it by toggling it's own view status, try moving up a level or two and toggling the View parameter of the parent macros. Similar process with stacked macros. In that case, you can temporarily patch in a constant to the Panel Index and change the index to view the different layers in the stack.

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    Thank you @colB

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