Maschine message error when I launch the software

Youri B
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Hi everyone !

Everytime I launch the software I have this message error :

On top of the window it says :

eLicenser POS Error Message

" File Synsoacc.bundle could not be located in the Application Support folder "

then this second message error just after:

"File Synsoacc.bundle does not have the expected interface"

Then the software opens and I can use it and work. So it does not affect the usability, but I don't remember having this issue from more than a year.

Could you help me identifying where that comes from and how to fix it please ?

Thank in advance, wishing you the best for the upcoming year ;-)



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  • mykejb
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    What Steinberg software do you have on your system? It sounds like Maschine is trying to scan a Steinberg (or other) VST that's using the older Steinberg eLicencer licencing system.

    You could try updating eLicencer here, that might help - eLicenser Control Center - License Management - Details & Downloads – Steinberg Support

    -- Mike

  • Youri B
    Youri B Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Hello Mike ! Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. Wishing you a happy new year 2024 full of music.

    I don't have Steinberg software, but I have Ilok license manager, but nothing related to steinberg I think. I am going to try what you recommend.

    Thank you,


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