Komplete Kontrol - Kompletely Unusable?

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I have been a NI user (both hardware and software) for about 6-7 years. I own Maschine, have had an S88, NI Komplete, and now own an 66 MK3.

I also work in the software world so I know it can be tough if you're one of the NI devs or designers....

But, this Komplete Kontrol is almost unusable. It's buggy (from the initial load, getting errors), to the sizing, to the default view, to the inability to use color templates on the keyboard. It's hard for me to grasp where the gap is, since NI is a reputable company. Was it the merger? Was it developers? The design of this really needs to change--I'm saying this from a compassionate point of view because I really need it to change. I want to use it, I love your products. But it needs a UX overhaul and it needs to work. I'm stuck with my MK3 (I do love the screen and the sliders and the keys), but the software is struggling to hang on.

Am I the only one here thinking this is about 10 steps backward from the last KK version?


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    Yeah I've spent a lot of money for a suite that doesn't even work (Komplete Ultimate (upgrade to be fair) and S49 MK3) I've spent 90% of my time

    A) trying to get it to load

    B) trying to get the keyboard to send MIDI notes

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    So at least i am not alone with this unusable Komplete Kontrol Version. The GUI Glitch Resize is horrible: only answer from support after waiting for 15 days !!! was:


    Our developers were able to reproduce the issue in house. They say that it only occurs when Kontakt is opened with the Edit view within Komplete Kontrol - if it is in the default view, the behaviour should not occur. 


    The bug is in in the backlog to be addressed by the devs and will be fixed in a future update. In the meantime, my recommendation would be: 


    • If you are loading Kontakt within KK, use the "default" view rather than the "Edit" view - this behaviour will then not occur.
    • If you are loading Kontakt directly as a plugin / in standalone mode, you can use Edit view there - this behaviour should not occur. 


    If you need any further information, please let us know. 

    I gave up, cause this default view is not resizable...

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