My S61 Komplete Kontrol is causing Logic to hang A2 note.

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🤔A2 only hangs when using my KKS61 with logic pro v.10.8.1

it has just started. all apps are updated. the note does not hang when using an M32 or Logic's screen keyboard. it does not hang on play back or drawing in the note into the piano roll.

i have already deleted and reinstalled the control surfaces, trashed the cs preferences, rebuilt midi base, unplugged, restarted yada yada...

this problem does not happen when i go into control surfaces bypass mode.

major problem. any help?

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  • Wizstudios
    Wizstudios Member Posts: 2 Newcomer
    Answer ✓

    Solved by the Logic forum: controller assignment learned inadvertently. contrtoller assignments / expert view/ find learned assignment and edit/delete. Worked perfectly.


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