How to check if there's a new version of Kontakt

cameron  heinze
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just purchased get good drums and says player is too old any help would be appreciated the version i have is 6.7



  • ShelLuser
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    Hi there, welcome to the community!

    I had to "Bing it" but you're talking about a 3rd party Kontakt instrument; that kinda implies the need for the latest version.

    Ergo my suggestion ("suggestions") is/are:

    • Download & install Native Access (<= link you can safely follow).
    • Log on using the same username / password as you did when grabbing the Kontakt player back in the days *
    • Check for updates!

    After that you should be good to go; also keep in mind that you probably need N.A. for current Kontakt instruments anyway, though not always (this mosly implies the instruments being NKS compliant). Even so... N.A. is what you need to keep your players up to date.

    Hope this can help!

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    @cameron heinze said:

    the version i have is 6.7

    Are you referring to Kontakt? The latest version of Kontakt is indeed 6.7 so maybe your DAW is opening an older version of the Kontakt plug-in. (Guessing you're having an issue with a plugin version here.)

    If that's the case, launch Native Access and click on Installed Products and click Kontakt - a window will pop out from the right, click Installation Path and confirm the VST 64-bit location. This directory must be added to your DAW in order for it to scan for your plug-ins correctly.

    More info here: My NI Software Does Not Appear in my DAW

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