Sync Issues with Electric Sunburst & Prime Bass

Eden Vaschon
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Hey Everyone,

I'm wondering if any of you have had a sync issue with the Prime Bass or Electric Sunburst. I purchased these two plugins and they both have the same problem syncing up correctly with my Pro Tools session. I have followed all the video examples I can find and stepped through all the instructions in the manual, yet I still have a horrible time getting them to sync correctly with even the simplest of rhythms. Can anyone help?

FYI, I have also reached out to Native Instrument's Support and their response was simply telling me to read the manual, (******!). I don't ever reach out to support from anyone until after I've exhausted all efforts to resolve the issue myself. I know that there is a box directly underneath the Sound Preset option that says "Link to song". It opens up already selected when the instrument is initiated. There should be nothing more than I need to do to sync it, but for the life of me, I simply cannot make it sync. 😳 Will someone please help me?


  • D-One
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    Remove everything else from the project, including FX that might add plugin latency.

    After that's done is everything out of sync or just key switch changes?

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