Komplete Kontrol S88 MK2... keybed problems...?

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I have been looking at a lot of NI YouTube videos over the past few days...

There seems to be quite a few videos of people showing how to "fix" the S88 MK2 keybeds because of noise...

Is this a prevalent problem...?



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    Keep in mind that people only post when there are issues or problems. So it seems like there are more problems then there really are. I've had an S88MKI and now an S88MKII and I've had no issues with either.

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    There is also quite a few videos on YT saying the earth is flat, pretty sure it's still the same sphere it was 4.5 billion years ago tho.

    Everything that is built by man will have some kind of problem. The more of something you make the more likely an issue will exist and someone will find it.

    I have seen users report problems here, but if I were top put a percentage on the number of posts I have seen with a hardware problem Vs without, would struggle to register an actual percentage.

    So take it with a grain of salt, has there been any users with an issue, sure, is it a common thing that affects a significant number of users, unlikely so, but i'd always advise of deeper investigation and comparisons if you want to be sure, why take my word for it?

  • Simchris
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    .I have three s series. Mark i and ii 49 key, and mk ii 88 key. Absolutely zero issues.

  • rdalcroft
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    I would say over time, things wear out, grease needs replaced, things need serviced.. Its not an issue really, but Native instruments need to acknowledge this, and offer options for the user when their warranty runs out, A simple how to guide on what grease to buy, a guide how to open your unit, remove and grease the 2 locations for each Key. All in all I did all of my Keys in 2 hours. My S88 Mk2 started to become Noisy after 8-9 months. Basically a few keys at a time. And gets progressively worse over time.

    With basic technical knowledge, a bit of research, I now have a quiet keybed, better than new, I would advise NI to maybe pack more grease/Lub than they currently use. Because there was nothing stopping the keys from hitting the guide posts on a lateral motion, this is what gives the high pitch click.

  • rdalcroft
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    See my guide here: Its a bit rough, but you get the gist, If i have to do this once every 1-2 years, then I dont mind.

    S88 Mk2 - Noisy Keys - Fixed - Instructions — Native Instruments Community (native-instruments.com)

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    What's the best grease for longevity? Is it a good idea to pack more on or does this cause other issues? Thank you

  • rdalcroft
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    I am going to try this next: Yamaha Digital Piano Grease CLP-CVP CA 50Gr AAX90710.

    Yamaha Digital Piano Grease CLP-CVP CA 50Gr AAX90710 - Pro Audio Service Ltd

    As the grease i tried before: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01186U64Y/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

    lasted 8months before i noticed one or 2 keys become clicky again.

    I think less grease is better than packing the key, which i did the first time.

    Its a shame that the design of the white keys there is no track or enclosure to keep the grease from spreading out over time, atleast the black keys have a square enclosure where you can just fill it with the grease.

    Its all trial and error, I think losts of factors affect how long it will last, room temp, how hard you play, how often you play. Its a bad design of keybed.

    Even if they had a light rubberised coating on the inside of the keys, a few microns thick, so when they hit the plastic post the noise would be dampened, even if the grease started to wear out.

    Plastic against plastic = Noise

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