If I have the latest Kontakt7 on my machine, do I need Kontakt6 Player, or can I just delete it?

Richard S
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If there's still a need for Kontakt6, then is there a list somewhere to say what I need it for ? The reason I am asking is that I already seem to have many problems with Kontakt and if possible I'd like to at least just have the one version, instead of two.

Is there some place, a simple list of which instruments, work on 6 only and which don't yet work on 7.7.3?


  • Monochrome
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    If you have any DAW projects using Kontakt 6, you may want to keep having it installed as Kontakt 7 won't automatically replace instances of Kontakt 6 in your DAW.

    If not, you can just uninstall Kontakt 6 and use Kontakt 7.

    Edit: Instruments meant for older versions of Kontakt usually load fine in newer versions. You just can't load e.g. Kontakt 7 instruments into Kontakt 6 or you will get this error message.

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