Maschine + and Push Standalone

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Hello guys,

does anyone tried to work with this both worlds together?

I want to set it up that i can work with maschine as a slave. But i don’t know how to connect it. Is the link function only working with a computer?


  • Uwe303
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    the manual says this:

    To start or join a Link session, proceed as follows:

    1. Press SETTINGS.
    2. Use the 4-D encoder to select MIDI.
    3. Turn Knob 4 (Link) to set ENABLE to On.
    4. The Link session is activated. Other devices on the same network can also join the same session if they have Link enable.

    So it should work if both devices are of course in the same network.

  • ebbes
    ebbes Member Posts: 5 Member

    Hey Uwe,

    thank you. With the link connection it don’t work. Both devices are in the same network but they don’t start and stop together.

    I’ve heard that the link protocol is just too old.

    Now I use a MIDI connection. This works very well. Both devices are synced after you setting up a little bit of the offset.

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