For those agonizing over download errors on Macbook

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Hi folks, first off Happy New Year and prosperity for your future! I needed to acknowledge that I went through the most frustrating period purchasing, and downloading K-14 Ultra. I had a smooth experience, up until the last element that gave me a download error. I must admit that these software companies have so much more to grow and offer if they stopped selling the licenses, and supported with "live help" the outcomes. NI is undoubtedly an awesome set of sounds, thus why I spent the higher bucks. Here is what happened and how I felt helping you all out would be a good community thing to do.

I found that following the directions of opening the item in a "virtual disc" from the Mac and finding the "package" that NI sent to me to substitute for their download manager was the answer. When I went to open it, I was shocked that Apple didn't let me, and between Apple, my local expert from Guitar Center, myself, and to a "lesser extent, but still a part of it all", NI/Komplete I got to a great place this evening. Not without agony, but the final result was a "pain with gain" experience. I am now all set, up and happy about it, and if you have download errors, contact support and they will send you the URL for this. What you do with it is key, however, and they need to update their support description step-by-step and what needs to happen for success. Success, that I achieved one hour ago, after 2.5 days of agonizing, sleeplessness, and feeling thoroughly helpless to get this right. I never felt so stupid, but the converse to this is that I never felt so much accomplishment as I do now, prompting me to write this note to the community. Happy New Year, and the pain, was "almost" worth the gain!

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