Simple question where is battery 4 download for 0S 10.15.7

Multimeterman Member Posts: 15 Member


I need battery 4 that works with Mac OS 10.15.7. I can not uodate to a later OS right now

there is a sale right now and nobody has answered my question .


  • silentio246
    silentio246 Member Posts: 33 Member

    I already answered you in this thread:

    If you buy Battery, then you will have these versions in your account, of course not beforehand.

  • Multimeterman
    Multimeterman Member Posts: 15 Member

    Thank you . I see only versions for 10.8. And above ….that’s not too close to 10.16.7 but I haven’t purchased yet ….as I see written here …8 still would like a more specific answer before paying ….it’s kinda vague what exactly happens …I’m aware I can’t get the latest version but what version exactly would help me to make a better informed decision

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