Multiple Instances of Komplete Kontrol in a DAW project - use with new s series mk3 keyboard??

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Title explains it all. How does the mk3 keyboard switch instances of KK to match when changing tracks in a DAW project when you are using multiple KK tracks in a project ?? I dont see an instance button on the mk3.. I use Bitwig mostly and am still using an s61mk1.

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  • Sunborn
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    The Instance button does not exist on MK3.

    But, either way, it has nothing to do with multiple app instances in a DAW.

    Every KK instance in your DAW, carries a different instrument, so, whenever you go from one track to the other you will see the corresponding instrument.

  • nobadmojo
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    So you are saying that the keyboard automatically detects what track you are on and presents you with the appropriate keyswitch lights on the keyboard to match the track? On my mk1 I use the Instance button a lot when changing tracks so that the light guide matches the track I am working on..

  • Sunborn
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    On MK2 and Cubase it is like that. So, on MK3 it will be the same.

    In fact, it is a common behavior.

  • nobadmojo
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    mk2 has an Instance button I believe. I;m on an mk1 mostly in Bitwig and using the Moss script with old kk does a lot...think i will just keep it at that until the wheels come off.

  • johnlski
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    I am using my new S49 MK3 keyboard in Tracktion Waveform 12.5 DAW and Windows 11. The MK3 keyboard can be used to load and edit an instrument on a new track, but I cannot go to other instances on other tracks. My DAW shows the instrument on my computer monitor, but the keyboard does not switch to allow editing of the instrument. I can only edit the instrument with the computer using the mouse. I used to be able to change instances with my MK1 keyboard? is there a setting I am missing or was this not intended for the MK3 keyboard?
  • Keith Cocker
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    Withe the s61 mk3 and therefore I assume other flavours of MK3 you can move from track to track up and down Logic using the "big wheel with lights around it" om he right. Just be in Plugin mode and click up and down to move to new instances.

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