Traktor closes when loading music

Good afternoon... I've been a professional user of Traktor for over 10 years, and now that I'm using the latest version of the software, when I load any song, Traktor closes abruptly.

I'm using a Mac M1 with 16 RAM and a 500 GB disk.

The Mac works perfectly, this only happens with Traktor.

Please give me a solution because I work at a beach club every day and it's very annoying when the music stops with people dancing.


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    Well... I'm going to leave my solution here and hope that a new update fixes the problem.

    The problem is when the music is loaded onto the deck and the music is analyzed.

    I disabled the automatic music analyzer. and analyze the songs before I arrive at the club.

    Therefore, no error occurred (Instant closing).

    Well... now I would like to take the opportunity and know something about our STEMS... because I'm really hoping that NI will give an answer to our competitor... because their stems turned out cool... but I believe that we will a response worthy of Native Instruments quality.

    Thank you friends!

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