Where do I get the actual Shreddage 3 Free Library?

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Dear Anyone.

Dumbass NOOB alert. I found a website that gave me a legit. code for Shreddage 3 Free Version for Kontakt 6, which I legally own (all this is legal, Mods, I'm not trying to get info. on cracked stuff!) The site said if I put the code in, the system would download Shreddage 3. So I've put the code in - but it tells me to locate Shreddage 3 on my system. I don't have it, I thought entering the code would get it for me. Here's proof I'm not after anything cracked....

See? It's saying I've registered it - which I have done with that number - but it's not giving it to me, it thinks I have it already. Which I don't!

Where do I get it from and do I just install it now and it'll register because I've already put the number in?

Yours puzzledly


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