Sounds from expansions dont Show Up in Browser?

Murat Kayi
Murat Kayi Member Posts: 428 Pro
edited December 2023 in Maschine


A Kit in an expansion consists of Sounds, that is: saved FX plugin chains and routings for a pad.

My expectation is that every Sound that is saved as part of Kits in the expansions also shows up when I browse by Sounds. I recently discovered that this is not always the case. I wanted to favourite a Sound I found in a Kit and could not find that particular Sound when browsing by Sounds instead of Groups.

The Sound storage file is there, however, in the expansion directory.

Why is that? Is something wrong there? If that is happening with one Sound it might be the case with many. Can I get Maschine to browse all of the Sounds contained throughout my expansions?

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