WHY am I being told software download for my KK S88 MKW Midi Controller is already registered?

msbeepbeep Member Posts: 2 Newcomer
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Just purchased this item from Guitar Center online. It was marked NEW but was in an opened box. The item was shipped to Florida from a store in Boston in October, but I did not pick it up from my local store until early December because it was purchased as a Christmas gift.

Although the keyboard is beautiful and looks as if it was never used, when we attempted to download the software package, we got a message that it had already been downloaded (we assume by a previous purchaser?)

Guitar Center claims that they cannot do anything to help with this, and that we had to ask Native Instruments to reactivate the software for us. Meanwhile, this delay is preventing the instrument from being used for studio work planned for right after Christmas.

PLEASE provide an answer ASAP so we can use what was purchased.


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