Komplete KOntrol LOSES its "SMART" MIDI functions

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so the scenario is - u re working in ableton (10.43) on windows11 (22h2) in your project - has some vsts, some hardware and the most ipmportant KOMPLETE KONTROL opened - its all going good, you love the KK SMART features and using them like controlling vsts with it, using auxilary buttons like start stop loop scale and so on-then u need to leave the premises, you turn off your laptop - saving everything prior ofcourse. After an hour you comeback , open project - only to find out that you cant even start playback with KK keyboard - when you press the play button it just plays note of the vst its currently on, you press all other aux buttons and they do the same - just playing notes. You reset everything - keyboard physically, ableton, pc - only to open another project to find it working completely normally. You realise that its worse then you thought - its not just a quick freeze. It does not have a solution. Ok you export midi files out of your project, save all presets, render all the audio from hardware, transfer it all to completely new project - waste hours compiling and arranging it all back - and it seems to be working - u re happy for a moment - untill you end the session - because after you reopened your new rebuilt project - its the same ****** - all aux buttons just play notes and no vst control. Oh and obviously everytime you accidentally minimize the KK plugin with its own X button it crashes ableton - but this issue is discussed in other topics. What would you do in this scenario? has enyone heard of any fixes for that or at least maybe someone has/had the same issue?!

Thank you in advance!


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