Suddenly extremely slow load times in Kontakt 7

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Hi folks,

On a M1 Max MBP, 32GB, macOS Monterey 12.6.3. Samples drive containing NI is a 4TB Sabrent NVME in a Sabrent USB 3 enclosure connected to the laptop.

My load times on Kontakt are unusably slow, all of a sudden. I've not done any music stuff for a few months but the drive works fine otherwise. Sometimes the instruments stop loading all together. I've uploaded a video showing the kind of loading speeds I have. Was fine until now, ran all my projects off this without issue. I notice things are much faster in Kontakt 6?

'Disk' is flashing red at 0%/100% when playing notes.

Computer is otherwise not doing anything else. Other tasks (video editing/motion rendering) are fine. Logic/NI stuff has full permissions in Sys preferences. Cable is confirmed to be full width for data needed.

Would appreciate any tips! Thank you.

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