Native Access 3.8 not working

JB Valentine
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Native Instruments has digressed in the recent years. They no longer except phone calls to help with tech support therefore WE, the consumers, suffer. They take way too long to get back to their customers. There is one thing left that i would purchase from them and that is Battery Now without a subscription. This company is not great at all. I'm cutting ALL ties with this company. Many of you have problems with the latest version of Native Access 380. My advice is to do what I've done - and that is use the older version of Native Access. DO NOT UPDATE!!! The older version works very well. I tried to update and Native wouldn't even help me out. I had ALL kinds of trouble so I reverted back to Native Access version Native Access 380 DOES NOT WORK. So stop wasting your time with it. I've spent over 10K with this company. Enough is Enough.


  • PK The DJ
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    Native Access 380 DOES NOT WORK

    YES IT DOES. I've been using 3.8.0 since it was first released and had no issues with it (or previous versions) at all.

  • Matt_NI
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    @JB Valentine We stopped doing phone support like 6 years ago and since then it has proven to be incredibly unproductive as a mean of support for the type of products we do.

    Just like @PK The DJ mentioned, 3.8 works but it might not work for you somehow.

    If you share more info about what's not working perhaps we could help.

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