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Maschine Library not showing in Library slot. It is on my hard drive in its folder but after launching Machine nothing is showing on the application. I tried reinstalling thru Native Access, restarting computer but still no library showing on application.


  • Vic Angelo
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    Try manually adding the location by going to PREFERENCES ---> LIBRARY ---> USER ---> Add

    Then try a RESCAN

  • Jeremy_NI
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    You can also try to reset Maschine's database:

    Reinitialize the Maschine Database

    1. Go to the following location on your computer:
    2. Macintosh HD > Users > *Your User Name* > Library > Application Support > Native Instruments
    3. Note: The User Library folder is hidden. See this article for instructions to access hidden macOS folders.
    4. Search through the Native Instruments folder at this location to find the Maschine 2 folder.
    5. Delete only the Maschine 2 folder found here.
    6. Note: Deleting other NI product folders could result in unexpected behavior with other applications.
    7. Reopen the Maschine software to check that the issue has been resolved.

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