How to get your GTR rig 7 working in your DAW

BigJguitar Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

So see a lot of people here having trouble getting guitar 7 loaded into their daw.

hopefully you’ll find these instructions helpful working in a windows environment. I’m working in Windows 10. I had the same problem when I fixed it quickly.

In windows go to C\programData\Native Instruments.

There should be a folder called “installer log”

See photo below.

Open this file, and this will tell you exactly where the VST path was loaded into your computer along with other information, such as the factory content the system extensions it’s all gonna tell you where this stuff is.

In this case, my DLL file was located in C\program files\common files\VST3.

it should be noted that guitar rig 7 is a VST3 file only. Once I went into the preferences in my DAW, and set the path found in the installer log, all was right with the universe 🥰🥰🥰

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