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    1. MIDI Learn is not saved in Maschine Sounds or Groups, unlike Reaktor which has a decent MIDI system.
    2. Not only it does not save it but it also resets the CC's when loading a new patch, one would think that if MIDI Learn is not saved then there's no reason to overwrite custom settings when loading presets but that's how its.
    3. Maschine does not care about MIDI Channels for external MIDI CC, it ignores it for some odd reason.
    4. MIDI Learn CC's are exclusive. (Same CC cannot be mapped to more than 1 thing)


    I think your only way around it is to make a template Project with everything mapped but even that is very limited since you would only be able to use 1 Arturia Synth and 1 Polysynth due to issue #3, if that limitation is OK with you it could work but even then you wont be able to switch presets due to issue #2.

    PS: Those DIY controllers look awesome!!

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    Very cool! Ever think of creating a YouTube video on how you made these things?

    I believe there could be a large market for bespoke plugin controllers...

    I am to stupid and lazy to make my own controllers so I keep a Moog SUB 25 on my desk. Nice little synth with a great control surface for Monark and Poly Synth. Sadly even if copying one (Poly Synth) group to another there is only one instance allowed to be controlled with mapped CC macros. It's always something...

    Macro CC recall seriously needs to be added

    The iPad minimoog app works well with my SUB 25. I owned a real minimoog, but had to sell it. Part of what made it great is the control panel. That's the main difference between a plug-in and an instrument.

    Keep up the good work!

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