After upgrading to K14, K13 kontakt libraries missing in latest Komplete plugin 3.1.0

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As an example Scarbee basses and also session+funk guitarist are not available in Komplete but are available in latest Kontakt7.

Anyone having this issue after upgrading?


  • mykejb
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    I've not had that problem here, although it can take a LONG time to scan all the libraries when Komplete Kontrol is first started. It displays the UI then does the scan and there's no indication it's still scanning. How long have you waited after starting KK?

    -- Mike

  • fab-gm
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    edited December 2023

    Indeed it takes a very long time (at least in Windows) which is another issue that should be solved independtly (hope someone logged it too).

    Please confirm that you get specifically all the scarbee bass K13 ultimate older instruments showing (like MM-Bass amped, Rickenbacker, ...) as I also get other older plugins as well but not that ones.

    I tried to reinstall them, no change.

  • fab-gm
    fab-gm Member Posts: 4 Newcomer

    Finally found that we need to manually also trigger the 'rescan libraries' preferences button which is different from rescanning the plugins...

    IMO, the rescan algorithm should be optimized and become faster so that both plugins and K14 libraries could be done with rescanning plugins in one single 'Rescan all' operation.

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