Problems with the Kontrol s61 mk3

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I have two problems with the Komplet Kontrol and the kontrol s61 mk3.

No display in the Kontrol s61 mk3 and I cannot find the possibility of loading a non-nks vst to be able to manually assign the midi controls (possible before with the mk2)

First problem

I have the vsts in the komplet kontrol software, but the kontrol s61 mk3 does not load anything as an image.

It remains in a stand-alone midi version.

I tried to pass it to the browser, impossible.

In fact, nothing is activated (browser, etc...)

On the other hand, I know how to play vst via the Komplet kontrol, except that they do not appear on the keyboard.

The second problem

I haven't found a way to load a non nks vst so I can
configure it manually (even if previously it was possible with the Komplet kontrol s61 mk2).

Really special that the vsts don't appear on the keyboard, even though they are in the Komplet control and I can still play the vsts.

Thank you in advance for your answers

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