Installing firmware of the new Kontrol S49 MK3

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I was really hyped for trying out the new s49 mk3 during the christmas holidays, but when first connecting the problems started to appear...

After countless tries of different methods of connecting the keyboard to my pc, i've came to a solution where the keyboard finally got recognized by my pc - i'm now using the original NI usb c cable to connect from host (at the keyboard) to a usb c to usb a adapter which is being plugged in a usb hub, which is plugged in to the back of my monitor (the monitor has several usb ports that enhance the usb ports of my pc) - so this way already is very confusing, but is by far the only way i got my pc to recognize the keyboard.

Not surprisingly, the keyboards display says that there is too low power to drive the keyboard just with this cable going out from the usb c host-output. So after trying even different methods of powering the keyboard to the additional usb c power port, I came to the solution that the power supply of my nintendo switch is doing good for that.

So, after some hours of research and trial-and-error plugging in i finally got the keyboard recognized to my pc and finally started the firmware update in the KSMK3 Updater. Sadly, I'm now at a point where the updater says "an error occured while updating your KONTROL S MK3 (error -2). ...and so on (take a look at the linked picture). The updater wants mi to unplug the keyboard and start the update from a new. Nevertheless, the keyboards display says, that the update is still running and that i shouldn't disconnect it. Of course, my question now would be, what is right and what should i do next - just leave it running, hoping for it to get finished? Or follow the steps of the updater?

Already read threads where people had familiar issues and when following the steps of the updater, it even got worse...other people just left it on running and it really finished (some people in 10 mins, others in hours). Im now on a basis where i haven't closed the updater and just leave the keyboard running this for about 3 hours now and still isn't finished yet. Is it depending of the "strength" of where the host output leads (in my case the usb hub in the back of my monitor) for the update to take this long? - during the process i also disconnect all other usb devices and closed all applications except the updater (just reconnected mouse, keyboard and my browser in the meantime To write this post, but will disconnect them again). Or should i close the updater and disconnect the keyboard to try it again - in the hope for faster finishing?

Is there somebody out here with similar issues, that can tell how to work this out?

It would be really nice, if i can get the keyboard running and trying everything out during the christmas holiday - it's very dissapointing, having to do all these workarounds to get it running (only possible through costumor threads in this forum) - i hope NI is trying everything to get this thing going properly for windows users, it would be really sad to turn it back, especially bc of the software i bought with it. I already got a maschine mk3 and am very happy with it, but this thing with the kontrol is very unconveniant so far:(

wish you all a nice christmas


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    Did you already updated your Windows OS to the latest patches available. That’s what I have read here in the forum.

    Unfortunately I do not have a MK3. So I can not give you more tips

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    Exactly the same for me today, first installation. did you find something @elias_gr ?

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