Frequent crashes with Kontakt. Particularly with Komplete Kontrol

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I was using reaper 6 with Kontakt 6 and everything was great. Not a single crash. I updated to reaper 7 and kontakt 7 in the generally same timeframe. After updating reaper, I had the unknown files problem and had to reset my kontakt library. That issue has been resolved, but now nearly every session crashes. Komplete kontrol was so unstable I stopped using it and ran instruments from Kontakt. That seems to reduce the number of krashes (see what I did there) but lately it doesn't seem like a solution at all.

When I first started crashing hard, I didn't have the reaper extension for using the A49 keyboard functionality (reakontrol, I believe) installed so it's not that. I did install it eventually, however.

I just upgraded to Komplete collector or whatever the highest level is, but now it's all practically unusable because the krashes are so frequent.

I am using windows 11, with 16 gb ram.


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    I have similar experience. Maybe try this

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