Airy Sound for Upbeats; Any Similar Samples?

Aron Stokes
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Hello. I've always been interested in this nice little windy sample on the upbeats in the song Best of Joy, by Michael Jackson. I've provided a YouTube link to the song below. If you listen to the first verse, the sample hits every 4th beat of every second bar and it sounds like a puff of air, replacing a typical snare drum sound. I think it's a beautiful, soft type of sound to use for the upbeats in a ballad-ish type song like this. Could anyone suggest a place for me to find a similar sound? I've got am ambient track I'm working on that could definitely use this type of sound.


  • Paule
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    No video available. So I can't help.

  • only1alientune
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    it's nothing but a flute from the d550 sound module

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