Best place to learn music production?



  • Nico_NI
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    Curious to know what do you think of our new Maschine masterclass then? 😀

    Definitely long but only useful information for whoever is getting started with Maschine.

  • tribepop
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    I think it’s great that NI is creating new training material. It’s also nice because the material is recent so you know it includes the latest features and workflows. Personally, I’d love to see more material for advanced users or more tips and tricks from producers (like the ones from RedMeandsRecording, Jeia, etc.). It’d be cool if NI did a video with Datsunn and how he sets up his projects for live performances, he goes into a lot of detail about sampler zones and stuff.

  • Danny Weatherly
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    I'm retired and going to community college for courses in audio engineering. Courses in Mixing, Mastering and Midi production.

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    One of the best teacher/promoter on YouTube related to NI stuffs is imo Jeff Gibbons. The guy should get some money from NI (not only the affiliate thing) and being payed he would probably have the income for all his job and do even more.

    And yeah, Datsunn also used to do good videos. As Sanjay C, Blezz Beats, Accurate Beats, Beau Tyler, KnockSquared, Marlow Digs,…

    Companies are really lucky today having all these guys making the job they should do

    About those guys asking for likes and so on. I don’t like it too much too. But… they put a lot of work doing a lot of videos, practically making the work somebody else (payed directly by companies with a salary) should do. But for the employees it seems to take a looooot of time to make a single video, while those guys must put constant work to put out video after video to remain on top of the list. So, them asking for things that will be the only way to have revenues for the hard work they do, although annoying for me, it’s quite understandable

  • Milos
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    The best place to learn anything, not just music, is experience.

    You can have all the knowledge of the world, without experience and experimentation, the knowledge you possess is moot.

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