Why is NI Support so incredibly bad?

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I am simply blown away by the utter lack of resolution of any problems that require support?

My experience and seemingly that in many wider communities I have seen indicate endless back and forth questions, with very little affirmative advice other than reinstall (sometimes from the OS on up) and that's about it.

Their obscene KK14 and K7 rollout has destroyed many installations while at the same time any help requests and closed even though requests are made to keep them open.

The fact that K7 Player was installed in my KK13 and then overrode my K6 full version, disabling everything in KK13 that requires the full version is beyond upsetting. It's actually disgusting.

Their solution of issuing single instrument installers to downgrade is not only time consuming, but won't allow instruments to be installed in non-system drives, unlike the NA installer. Why are these guys so utterly rank amateur in their hackish solutions?

I am dumbfounded. I have certainly decided to never purchase their hardware again due to the irresponsible nature of backwards compatibility and the fact that I simply don't feel they are dependable. Such a shame for what used to be such a beautifully seamless and enjoyable experience.


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    @MarkinLA We do understand that the Kontakt 6/Kontakt 7 issue is not the best experience for users. It is a complicated topic, different teams are brainstorming at the moment to improve the customer's experience.

    Given the number of products we have to deal with, the number of customers, the number of daily support requests, it's not really fair to judge support on this sole issue.

    We put the links to the installers. Once you have installed them to the system drive, you can move the libraries following these steps: How to Move a Kontakt Library

  • MarkinLA
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    Thank you for this. I really do appreciate it. Apoloies for the tone. I think my frustration hit something of a boiling point.

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