Yamaha THR30II + Guitar Rig

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I am trying to use my Yamaha THR30II as an audio interface with Guitar Rig Pro trial version to make sure it works for me before I buy.

My guitar is plugged into the THR, which is connected via a USB to my laptop.

Guitar Rig does show the Steinberg THR driver as an ASIO device. Yet, INPUTs and OUTPUTS have nothing to select.

Guitar Rig gets no signal from my guitar.

What's weird is if I select Wireless drivers ( exclusive or shared), Guitar Rig software starts getting the signal (levels are moving).

However, no sound comes out of my headphones plugged into my laptop.

I am completely confused as to how to properly set it up. Would appreciate any advice.

Thanks so much.


  • Milos
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    Perhaps you can try to change the audio engine (Wasapi,MME...)

    Let me know if it helped.

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