No way to officially find location of old files on New PC in Native Access 2

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I was researching this topic after the fact.

I assumed Native Access would have a neat relocate feature where I simply point it to my existing folder on my external SSD and it would reconnect all libraries, maybe even detect a new version is available or checks missing files etc. Instead I have to find out it just wants to redownload everything (KOMPLETE CE) despite me having set the exact same file paths in the software.

2023 is almost over. How the hell do you NOT have this basic functionality? This is horrible!

I mean this in the most constructive way I can but this is simply unacceptable. Some videos on youtube are explaining all sorts with tampering with registries etc. etc. but in an intuitive world you should IDEALLY have the option to relocate content from the start as a professional company AFTER someone moved to a new PC! I mean what happens if that persons C: drive dies but he still has a functioning copy of his library on a secondary drive? Downloading everything despite it all being there already makes absolutely zero sense whatsoever. I begin to wonder where the priorities in development currently lie. Wouldn't this be on the top priority list from the start? We are already in version 2 as well! And before some of you say "Well you can relocate", I dont mean that per plugin relocate button that only works within 1 PC. This should still be possible after you migrate to a new PC and simply take the external drive with you to save time AND money!

Please add this feature ASAP.

Thank you!

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