Choppy samples in K7 after update?

AmateurBOHNE Member Posts: 1 Member

Hi, I updated my Kontakt 7 after a few months to 7.7.2 a few days ago.

Since then I experienced choppy and cut off samples. Running on Windows 10, 64GB RAM and FL Studio 21, project and instruments are fully loaded. Audio interface: Steinberg UR12.

CPU in the instrument window is almost always red, when I hit play, but mostly it's around 25% (the number wasn't red at all before the update). It's not a big project, only 6 instruments loaded. Never had any problems before the update, no single crack, no single cut off, everything worked perfectly fine for YEARS. Other VSTs no problem, only Kontakt.

I read about CPU spikes and downgraded to 7.6.0. but no change, so I got back to 7.7.2.

Any ideas or help? What can I do?


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