Auto fill, more favorites, edit headlines, loop bars number.

  1. It would be really nice if Traktor Pro got Auto fill in all text spaces. It will make it much easier to edit music tracks.

  1. As well as the possibility of making your own headlines (Genre, Artist, Bpm) but also being able to make your own.

  1. Could decide for yourself how many Favorite lists you want. Go to settings and change the number of how many Favorite lists you want.

  1. There are two green boxes in a loop. In the box on the left, it says which number Cue number the loop has. Couldn't you use the box on the right to tell how many bars the loop lasts? So you can be better prepared for the loop button when the loop comes
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    DJ_EATON Member Posts: 4 Member

    Another row of favorites (or ability to add rows of favorites) would be SO GOOD

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