has anyone else built a pc, and NI 98% of the time never works?

glass man mike
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iv'e built a pc in 2018. iv had nothing but problems getting the software to work.

iv installed drivers, updated software, bought new ssd and did fresh install everything...

but nothing.

has anyone else had problems using a custom-built pc?


  • JesterMgee
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    edited December 2023

    Nope, works fine for the most part on 3 custom pcs and a MacBook

  • MyStudioOne
    MyStudioOne Member Posts: 249 Pro

    Same here. Every PC I have owned was custom and no problems with NI software in general. Can you elaborate a little more? Be more specific about the issues?

  • Scho33
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    I used NI Komplete on two custom built PCs without 'major' problems but one remark:

    After starting the PC it takes some time (some minutes!) until e.g. Komplete Kontrol can be used on my PC (standalone as well as VST in Ableton Live).

    So you can first try to keep the PC on for a while and then try to open Komplete. If it still doesn't work please provide more details on the situation.

    I assume that this is related to the fact that (by default) the NI data like presets, KK pictures, etc. (not the programs themselves) are stored in the Windows Default User folder.

    Also my Windows Explorer gets stuck when I open it in the first minutes.

    The reason why I relate this behaviour to NI?

    When I switched from the old to the new (custom) PC, I made a fresh install and everything worked fine until I installed NI Komplete and moved over also some user specific preset data.

    I had the Komplete Ultimate fully installed by then, so quite a lot of stuff.

    This might not be the issue with your PC but maybe it helps if it is a similar issue.

    However, a lot of data in your user folder can -to my experience- slow down the launch of NI programs after system start massively.

  • PoorFellow
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    I use a rather old (i7-6700 based) 'custom built' PC and in general can not recognize the problems that you describe.

    With the way that you come across (I have done everything and nothing helps/works) then that begs the question :

    Did you ever start over from scratch ? I mean apart from you having to be absolutely sure that there are no trace what so ever of any virus or malware in your system or on any of your drives then the obvious thing to do in your situation would be to delete and re-format at least the system drive and then re-install Windows from scratch. Also , depending on the exact nature of your problem then you might also want to be sure that the hardware platform is %100 OK , which in this connection especially means that you need to make sure that you do not have any problem with the computer memory , but also means that if you do not then you should run the computer at standard 'conservative' motherboard settings rather than over clocking or whatever (including use of any graphics card).

    To avoid any unforeseen problems from formatting the system drive and starting over from scratch then it is advisable that, after checking for any malware and virus, then before reformatting system drive then you take an image based system drive backup (using software like this) and make and test a working recovery boot media. On top of that add a backup of any personal files to your favorite cloud based file backup (One Drive , Google drive , whatever) ! So that in case that you have any regrets then you do not sit and cry but rather use the backup !

  • BIF
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    The only computers I don't build myself are laptops and tablets.

    This one I'm typing on now is an i9 12th gen; no problems.

    I'm about to upgrade an old i7 to an i7 11th gen (only because I have the CPU in a box), and I don't expect any troubles.

  • JesterMgee
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    So yeah, maybe include some details on what OS you have, what computer you built (AMD/Intel, Ram, Drive etc), what version of KK you have (v2 or v3), what KK keyboard you have and the most obvious thing, what exactly is the issue you have.

    Basically we have "My car, she no go, solution"?

  • D-One
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    Same here, all custom builds for 2 decades, no issues... Even hackintosh has always worked fine with NI SW.

    Be more descriptive about whats hapenning and maybe people can help you.

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