Maschine+ as a standalone fx processor

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Hey all! Just posted a video on this... something that occurred to me recently was to use a Maschine plus as a simple fx processor for my hardware synths when it's not being used to make music. Works extremely well... but I can't share links, so just head to my Youtube channel to watch the new video! (search Jef Gibbons)


  • PK The DJ
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    Wow, hello Jef Gibbons! How does a legend like you have only 7 posts? 😁

    I do something similar with my M+ too, feeding my Roland VT-4 in and using the M+ compressor to keep the levels in check.

  • jef
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    Ha! I know... it's embarrassing... too busy making videos! Great idea using the compressor... I should have mentioned in the video that you can simply run your audio through the M+ and put fx on one device in the same way... hopefully people can figure that out!

  • ozon
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    @jef thank you very much for all your great videos!

    How is the latency?

  • PK The DJ
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    I don't notice any latency when routing the VT-4 through it, using live vocals with IEMs.

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    I dont think internal Maschine fx introduce latency? Because AFAIK Maschine has no plugin delay compensation, would therefore be logical to assume the internal plugins are zero lat

    Now you'd still get the base RTL from going through the converters but yeh

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    Some fx do indeed add latency, the Limiter for example does, not sure how many others.

    It should be small since MAS built-in FX are designed to be efficient, but there are (actual) Plug-ins there too like Solid Bus or Phasis, I have not tested all to list them but it's easy to check for those interested:

    Use 1 very, very short clicky sample on 2 pads, draw a note for both exactly on the same place, put FX on only one of them, when there's latency you will to hear a 'flam/phasy' sound aswell as see it visually if you resample the master to a new Pad:

    Like so:

    It can clearly be seen one of the Pads has latency.

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