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ivi apricot
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I finished a track and I am now in the process of Mixing it correctly.

I found that I could access the Gain control over my samples.

However, for audio synths, this tab on my window does not exist.

Can anyone help me with the gain control over audio synths, etc?

If that command does not exist in Maschine, maybe a plugin I could use?

Thank you



  • D-One
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    You're actually changing the Zone gain/volume specifically, its only purpose is to be able to control gain when you have more than 1 sample loaded in the same Pad to balance them both.

    There's no difference between changing a Sampler's "Gain" there and using the faders right there in the Mixer if you just have 1 zone.

    So the answer is to change your synths level in the mixer, or open each plugin GUI depending on which it is, many have a gain/volume knob inside.

  • AsylumSpeaker
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    Surely the output gain of the sampler governs the input level into the FX chain, and the mixer level is the output of the FX chain? So for gain staging into non-linear effects, the sample level is important. Unless I'm wrong about how that works in Maschine. There doesn't seem to be an output gain in the Sampler plugin.

  • D-One
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    Oh snap. You're right. Well, there's no output gain on any machine built-in Instrument... The Sampler just happens to have Zone for multi-sampling.

    The Zone gain affects the level being sent to inserts while the Mix faders do not; I'm so used to FX having an input knob that I didn't even consider that - If you like the old-school way of gain staging then you have to work around it.

    If you're using Plugins then change the Ouput lvl side of the plug itself.

    If it's a Maschine internal synth (Bass Synth, Drum Synth, Poly Synth) or anything that does not have an internal gain/out volume then you can either use any leveling plugin of your choosing or use any Maschine FX that has an Output gain that has the possibility of not affecting anything else in the sound for example:

    • A Built-In EQ 1st in the chain without any cuts/boosts and just use the Out Knob to gain stage.

    Basically, it became a dummy EQ that is actually used as a gain leveler, some people use this trick to be able to automate Mutes for example.

    Note: I don't think the Maschine EQ has any sort of analog emulation of the kind that starts changing the sound even if no cuts/boosts are added but not 100% sure.

  • Paul Opp
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    change xx to tt. i cant post links // EDIT by D-One: I fixed it for you while you cant post links.

    It really helped me and my mixes

  • Nikal Might
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    You can get cheap auto gain-staging plugins from Hornet and Blue Cat Audio have a free gain plugin suite that you can use for gain-staging.

    Just stick one of them as the first plugin on your chain(or after a synth) and set them to whatever your target level is. I normally set mine so everything peaks at -6dB. Add whatever FX you want and try to compensate for any level changes with the plugin input/output gains and use the mixer faders to actually mix with.

  • tetsuneko
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    I always use the EQ module and just adjust the output (the easiest solution in Maschine+ standalone IMO)

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