Sustain pedal "just works" but volume slider doesn't unless configured

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I notice this behavior in Kontakt 7 (stand-alone and in Komplete Kontrol) with my M-Audio Hammer 88 keyboard - sustain pedal (CC64) always maps to its correct function in various piano instruments (let's use The Grandeur as an example) but the volume slider (CC7) never automatically maps to volume. Sustain pedal always works as expected, volume slider doesn't unless explicitly set in Instrument Options. The default to "Accept standard controllers for Volume" is "off" instead of "on". Is there a reason for this or a way to change this volume default to "on" globally within Kontakt? It seems odd that volume always requires this extra step when sustain just always works...


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    It's how the authors have programmed the instrument. Kontakt is just doing what it's told.

    I guess overall piano volume doesn't change during a performance, sustain does.

    You can set it the way you want it, then save it (preferably with a different name).

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