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So, no thanks to NI official support, I JUST found out today OFFICIALLY that KK3.0.3 doesn't support my S88 MK1, but ver. 2.6.9 does a BEAUTIFUL job. Now, I'm a simple guy, I like streamlining, and culling out any unnecessary apps that I don't need. So, I looked at my Windows list of installed NI programs, and saw that I have numerous NI apps that I'm not sure if I need them or not. So, I'd like to list what I'm using, and what's installed, and if I could get some idea here of what I need, I'd greatly appreciate it.

As I said, I have an S88 Mk1 driving Studio One 6.5 with KK2.6.9. I also use Battery 4 extensively, as well as SampleTank4 via KK2.6.9. I also have a custom Bat 4 kit listed in my User Defined area, and although, Bat 4 shows up in NA 2.0, it doesn't show up in Kontact 7. What I'm trying to make happen is pull up SO6.5, and open up KK2.6.9, OR Kontact 7 where it sees Bat 4 so I can create separate drum tracks in SO from KK2.6.9. Make sense? Hope so.

What I have installed is the following:

NI Blocks Base

NI Cntrller Editor: What's the difference btwn that & KK2.6.9?

NI Expansions Sel: Do I need this if I'm not intending to buy anything else in the near future?

NI Controller Driver

NI KK Mk2 Driver

NI Kontact

NI Kontact

NI Kontact Factory Selection

NI HostintegrationAgent

NI NKTDaemon



  • Jeremy_NI
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    Battery 4 is a program on it's own, it will not show in Kontakt but it will show in the Komplete Kontrol application and plug-in.

  • KingKonga
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    Thanks Jeremy. I realize it shows in KK2.6.9, AND I have created MIDI trks in SO6 for Bat 4. However, I'm still not seeing my Mk1 light up with the different color LEDs as I do when I use KK2.6.9. Not saying anything is wrong, just that I'm missing something that I don't understand. Also, does this mean you can't shed any light on what apps I need to UNinstall?

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @KingKonga the light guide is only working within the Komplete Kontrol plug-in or standalone application. You need to open your Battery presets or instruments in Komplete Kontrol.

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