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Hi. I have 3 issues:

Login and activation: I'm having trouble using my iZotope product portal to install - it responded with account issues which is the first time it's happened.

Communication: I hoped to talk with someone from iZotope or even NI - even sinking low enough in despair that I'm open to web chat. But can find nothing.

Self doubtt: I'm so grateful to be living in an age where communication is better and easier, so I'm now having to deal with the personal angst of wondering why I might have feelings of frustration. There must clearly be something wrong with me.

I'd be happy enough to have the first two issues solved, though.


  • PhilM
    PhilM Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Well, nvm on the first one. Thanks to Dave Polich on the gearspace website dealing with Izotope Product Portal problems. I got out of the car, shut the door and walked around the car (i.e. tried a "Force Quit") and now the portal works.

    Still dealing with the self-doubt thing. Why do I develop such angst communicating with all these wonderful companies for whom I am an important customer, esp. when they're going out of their way to make everything easy for me? idk. Probably just need to find an elevator with muzak somewhere …

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    I'm having this same issue. Would like to purchase Ozone 11 advanced but can't access Izotope's Product Portal App or Website and thus can't access my loyalty offers. I've tried everything and now Blocked due to multiple login attempts.

    I've tried the webchat thing and also created a support ticket.

    Looking online it seems this issue has been going on since at least Oct 2023 for some and still not resolved.

    Seriously NI - thinking of just going elsewhere as this is beyond ridiculous.

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