"could not be loaded" after updating Maschine/Kontakt

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Need emergency help

I am fighting with this for couple of hours now and need to finish project... hour ago. After updating when trying to open any Kontakt based plugin withing Maschine VST (reaper) I get this error message. In standalone Maschine everything is fine. I tried rebuilding maschine database - nothing changed. I am trying to find last version of Maschine that worked (2.17.4) but coudnt - can anyone help me with it? Previous versions of Kontakt would be great - maybe its not maschine vst/au - maybe its kontakt.

Additionally - why error have NO additional information? Just "Grandeur could not be loaded" and "ok" - thats it. Nothing else.

EDIT: Installed version 2.15.x - still not working. Reainstalled Maschine and both kontakt 5 and 7. Kontakt standalone and as VST works. Only loading instruments in Maschine VST gives me this error and I use maschine as a wrapped in all of my projects with automation. Now looking for previous versions of Kontakt plugins. 5 6 and 7...

EDIT2: its maschine plugin specifically. Loading anything to maschine VST/AU gives me the finger - both reaktor based and kontakt based. So no more ideas. Deleted everything manually and reinstalled through Native Access changed nothing. So i guess realinstalling the whole 13 Komplete Ultimate CE for me so 1 day of work... still waiting maybe for some suggestions.

Thanks for your help.

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