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Is it possible to create multiple configurations tab for different setups upon startup? Or is it possible to create a desktop button allowing the setup of multiple configurations prior to opening Maschine? Currently when Maschine starts, to change configurations you need to go into the "preference" tab then change your audio settings. I run several different setups; some examples of this are 1) Maschine Mk2 with an external hard drive 2) Micro without an external hard drive 3) Komplete Kontrol S49 with external hard drive and audio interface.

An "external" setup tab that would allow me ( if needed) to select the configuration of choice rather reconfigure each time Maschine is opened. I've tried to save two different templates on my desktop; though the song setup is there I still have to define audio preferences each time. On some of my setups I use the audio out of the Maschine Mk2, others out of the computer either the headset or speakers or an audio interface.

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