FM8 system exclusive import inaccuracy

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I've been an FM8 user for many years, started since FM7. I previously owned DX7, DX7 II FD and the TX802, and learned the details of FM synthesis and programming.

Recently I downloaded some of the original DX7 factory presets in sysex format. I imported the sysex into FM8 and also Dexed to compare. To my surprise there was quite an obvious difference in the sound - tone and velocity responsiveness wise. Dexed sounded like what I remembered from the above-mentioned Yamaha synths, while FM8 sounded like something was off. I was curious and began looking into the sound edit parameters to see what amount of edit parameter tweaking in FM8 was needed to match how the Dexed sounded.

I'm aware that FM8's architecture has way more capabilities/flexibility than the DX7's. Therefore when importing a DX7 sysex, some form of interpolation is needed to map the edit parameters within the FM8 parameter range. For example, maxing the DX7 operator feedback amount in to 7 increases the harmonic content to a certain degree. In the FM8 however, maxing the feedback to 99 drives the harmonic content to be like noise. I am wondering how NI determined the mapping methodology. Was matching accuracy to the legacy Yamaha synths a criteria? People would say the attraction of FM8 is its modern FM sounds, and so we should not get hung up on legacy DX7 sysex import accuracy. I do not dispute that. However it would be nice if the import was more accurate, so I could add FM8 effects and capabilities to enhance those legacy presets, without having to spend time tweaking just to match Dexed. Pretty sure I am not alone feeling this way.

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