audio 8dj not detected high sierra, tried upgrading traktor and noting

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sierra 10.13 software interface not detceted buy traktor,, not even de x1 ,,,i dont see any recnet divers from the dropdown menu regarding the audio 8dj ttied different versions audio 2/4/10, controller editor and nothing,,,,maybe i need to rollback the os to older one,,,i really dont know what else to do, even upgrade to traktor 3 and nothing...the audio 8dj doesnt appear in the settings of inside traktor,,,any suggestions?



  • lord-carlos
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    Here is a workaround for 10.13:

    Don't update your mac further. After 10.14 (or 10.15?) the workaround does not work any more.

    Old mk1 hardware are too old for modern mac os. Still work on windows though.

  • falopz
    falopz Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Hola Carlos luckly i just did this before reading the article,,,really ot very usefull driver update portion on NI page i click th article you said and the audio 8dj driver was there,,,but i dowloaded before this all i sawregarding drivers,,,i should have downloaded like 7 different ones,,,but working now ok, at least i save rolling back the OS of the mac,,,thanks

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