Missing tracks from playlists after restart

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Hey all.

Having an issue with creating playlists and them not saving or even exporting. I've created playlist by both dragging the tracks from the finder into a newly created playlist and also import folder as playlist. When I quit Traktor and restart the playlist are there but the tracks themselves are gone. As well, I've tried exporting the playlist and reimporting them but there is nothing in them. Any thoughts? Running 3.10.1 on Mac OS 12.7.2. Music stored locally from dropbox. I've also tried music stored on the desktop as well thinking maybe it was a dropbox thing but doesn't look that way.




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    Did you find out what the issue was?

    I‘m on Maschine and Kontakt and my WiFi connection, Dropbox, and a folder on my computer labelled ‚Service Centre‘ with a file in there called ‚pal.db‘ are all freaking out.

    When I edit a multiple instance of a sample this happens mostly, or when I reopen a project in process. I get a message from Dropbox popping up (without clicking on anything- see screen shots). Any option offered doesn’t so far seem to help, though my last move was to say ok, delete the thing you keep asking me if I want to delete. Not sure that was smart. Procrastinating to reopen my project today. Been stressing since Friday. It‘s now Sunday.

    Reason why I think our issues may be similar is for two reasons:

    1. When I reopen the project, I get numerous ‚!‘ symbols signifying that samples are missing from my project. I have to refind them each time. So far it appears that my edits (THANKFULLY) were saved though!
    2. I thought it was a Dropbox issue at first too but now feeling also that it is a NI issue.

    Help, anyone?


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