Maschine 2 - Reproducible crash after the 2.17.5 update

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After the last update of Maschine 2 to version 2.17.5, I noticed a reproducible crash of the Maschine 2 software on some instruments. The crash always happens in the following situations:

- Loaded instrument: Action Strikes - Hits

- When the plugin was opened

- When the hits are switched using the arrows in the left-hand corner, e.g. when "BIG SINEMATICS HITS" is loaded, there are arrows to the left with which you can switch the hits

- As soon as I have switched the hits a few times and started playing with MK3 pads, M2 crashes.

I opened a ticket with NI yesterday.

It would be interesting to know if the problem is unique to me or if others are affected.

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  • ballroot
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    I get random crashes like never before regardless of what I'm doing in Maschine, it even crashes at startup around 20% of the time. Kontakt7 instruments seem to be a sure way to reproduce, but I've never had Kontakt7 crash in standalone mode. It's so bad I've joined this forum to look for answers or see if anyone else is affected. It was rock solid before this update - I'm now looking for a way to roll back until this is sorted.

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