Working Logic projects between two devices.

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I may be duplicating a previous post, but I am wondering if anyone is set up in a way to make transitioning between a studio and a lap top set up that works well.

I'm thinking of moving all my native instruments to an external drive. Then when switching locations I would just take the drive, rather than my current setup that has the plugins all on my iMac Pro.


  • Trekkie
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    I'm in the middle of setting this up. Logic supports it fine. Got the recommendation from MusicTechHelpGuy on YouTube while watching his logic tutorials - his focus was more on saving space on a laptop with limited space but concept is same.

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    Thx. I’m leaning toward just a straight migration from my old 2 tb to the new Studio with the same size drive. The internal drive will be faster and keeping all the file structures the same will probably save me a lot of grief. As for the laptop idea, I think another approach may be out there. I just don’t know what it is. I think logic projects expect everything to be precise. Perhaps rescanning from the laptop would clear up any discrepancies?

  • Simon A. Billington
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    You should be able to just copy your library files straight over, but it's also important to open up Native Access and tell it where the new location is for your stuff.

    In terms of project files, Logic will be fine providing you've kept all the relevant files inside the project folder/file. That's Logic's default behaviour, but it's also something that can occasionally break due to user error. Generally speaking you should be okay to just copy it over.

    Although before deleting your old projects or sample libraries its worthwhile simply renaming the parent folder, I just add a hash (#), and then run up Logic or Access to see if they are connecting correctly to the library.

    If everything seems good you should be okay to delete your old content. Though it might be worthwhile holding off a few weeks, just in case you come across any unexpected problems.

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