I Need a Argosy 7500 monitor arm S3-B

Aron Stokes
Aron Stokes Member Posts: 29 Newcomer

Hello everyone. My partners and I recently got our first Argosy desk, the Halo Plus, for our home studio. I'm aware of the monitor arm, the 7500 monitor arm S3-B, that can be mounted to the desk along with the Halo Rail Mount Adapter. Is anyone here selling one of the 7500 monitor arm S3-B models, or does anyone know where I could possibly get one for less than $489.99 (new from Argosy)? I'd like to find a deal on one of these because it would definitely be a good addition to my desk for our semi-heavy Sceptre 34" Ultrawide monitor (Sceptre C345W).

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