Scarbee Bass Problem: Mouse controls ALL knobs at once, how to unlink? BUG?

Rexxyboy Member Posts: 11 Member

When loading any of the Scarbee Bass presets into v6 or v7, moving the mouse changes ALL 4 knobs instead of just one knob (i'm on the Noise levels page which has knobs for Release, Fret Noise, PU Hits, PU Clap).

I made a screen recording but the forum won't allow me to link it here.

Interestingly if i load up another 2 or three Scarbee bases in the same instance of kontakt, moving the mouse changes these 4 knobs in ALL loaded instruments, so 12 knobs are changing, not only that but it is audibly changing the volume of the instrument under the hood (kontakt instrument volume slider remains unchanged at unity)

Is this a massive BUG or am i doing something wrong?


  • Rexxyboy
    Rexxyboy Member Posts: 11 Member

    EDIT: Fixed.

    I opened the automation page (which i've never used, ever) and moving the mouse creates event #511 which links to every parameter, so clicking remove mulitple times on the sub-parameters until the list is cleared solved the issue.

    So weird!

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