Machine Jam transport not working correctly with Logic Pro X

frankjonez Member Posts: 9 Member

Hi, I believe I have everything up to date. When I open Maschine 2 as an Instrument in Logic Pro the transport buttons on Maschine Jam trigger notes instead of operating as labeled. 

The "play" pad triggers an A#5 note, The "record" pad works properly. The "back arrow" pad triggers an A#1 note and the "forward arrow" pad triggers a B1 note. "Tempo" an A5, Grid a D5. Same when the "shift" pad is used.

The rest of the functions in Jam seem to work fine. 

Any ideas on how to fix?



  • kamikaze1980
    kamikaze1980 Member Posts: 19 Member

    At this point I’m thankful jam still works at all. I’m sure they will be stealing that back from us soon enough. Just like Kore and KK s61 mk1.

  • frankjonez
    frankjonez Member Posts: 9 Member

    I'll just keep it all in machine and not use the MIDI drag function

  • frankjonez
    frankjonez Member Posts: 9 Member

    Yep, I spent quite a bit on Kore!

  • D-One
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    edited December 2023

    Is Host Transport Control enabled in Controller Editor?

    Logic has a thingy to map MIDI to shortcuts with MIDI learn, just use that and map the buttons to whatever you want.

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